The Narcissism Epidemic
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Narcissism in the news

Time magazine declares Millennials the "Me Me Me Generation"

USA Today story on increases in individualistic language

The Atlantic on increases in I, me, mine, and you in American books

Associated Press story on Millennials' lower civic engagement and (surprise) lower interest in the environment

BBC News story on more students thinking they are above average 

Science Daily on social networking, narcissism, and self-esteem 

Pacific Standard on the fantasy gap between materialism and work ethic

The Globe and Mail on the fantasy gap

Today show appearance and book excerpt

Newsweek article

Live Science article on research on generations and attitudes toward work

Book TV (C-SPAN) video of Jean's talk on The Narcissism Epidemic

Associated Press story on princess parenting

USA Today story on baby names becoming more unique

U.S. News & World Report Q&A on the book

U.S. News & World Report article on myths about narcissism

Ruben Navarrette Jr.'s 2009 syndicated column

Op-ed on entitlement created by a childhood of overpraising

New York Times story on narcissistic song lyrics

Study on narcissism and Facebook

More on the Facebook study

Associated Press story on rising narcissism

NPR story on rising narcissism

Washington Post story on entitlement

New York Times story on academic entitlement

USA Today story on positive self-views

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